Pest Controller Question Checklist

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Pest Controller Question Checklist

Before a pest inspection, ask your pest controller:

  • What pesticides are to be used?
    • Are they dangerous for humans and pets?
    • Will they leave an odour?
    • How long it will take for a treatment to take effect?
    • Will dead insects or rodents etc. need to be cleaned up?
  • What precautions need to be taken before pesticides are used?
    • For instance, should all food, cooking utensils, toothbrushes etc. be put away?
    • Do cupboards need to be emptied, carpets vacuumed, sheds cleaned?
  • Do people and pets (including fish) need to stay away from the house during and after chemicals have been used?
    • For how long?
    • Will there be any odours?
  • Does the house need to be aired after reoccupation?
    • Do children and pregnant women need to take special precautions?
  • Are there natural, non-chemical options, such as traps or flypaper that could be used?

  • Will return visits for monitoring and reapplication of pesticides be necessary?
    • How frequently?

  • Is any warranty or service period offered?

In turn, the pest controller will have numerous specific questions to ask you. For example, where, when and in what numbers has the pest been seen? How long has the pest been a problem? What, if any, treatment has been carried out by the homeowner?

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