Do I really need to hire a professional painter or can I do the work myself?

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Thank you very much for you letter, my husband and i were very happy with the service we received, our carpets came up amazing and most of all your staff were very friendly.

Elisha and Mark, WA

The service was fast and effective, in the end I did end up going with one of the services provided by your report.

John, WA

The response from Quotify was really good, I was impressed with the immediate reply with the 3 pest contacts that were given to me… Once again thanks for your help.

Dharmend, NSW

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Painting your home can be a fun and rewarding experience but most do-it-yourselfers underestimate the skill and time it takes to achieve a professional high-quality finish (see "Doing It Yourself"). Some things to consider include:

  • Health and Safety: Painting can be hazardous work, whether its working on ladder or dealing with solvents and dust. Professional painters have the appropriate safety equipment to keep you and your family and themselves safe.
  • Preparation: Professional painters know how to properly prepare the surface. Preparation can be more than 50 percent of the time of a paint job - scraping, sanding, caulking, cleaning and priming.
  • Which paints and how to apply them: paint choice is not just about colour, professional painters know which paints to use in each situation and the tools to use to get the best results.
  • Clean-up and disposal - professional painters take care of these tasks as part of their service.

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