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Domestic Cleaning Services Pricing Guide

What will it cost to clean your house? It will depend on a number of factors, namely: the size of your place, the tasks you want the cleaner to do, the number of workers required, and the frequency of cleaning. There isn't a standard pricing index which home cleaning businesses use to determine pricing, some will base their pricing by the hour and others will price by the job. As a rough guide, hourly rates range anywhere between $25 - $50 per hour, and on average a two bedroom, two bathroom home will take approximately 3 hours for a standard clean.

The only way you'll be able to accurately determine the best price for your particular home cleaning need is to compare the estimates of your shortlisted providers. Even if they use different methods to arrive at the figure you'll want to make sure that they are quoting on similar services so it's important to provide each company with an identical brief, listing the standard and extra services you'll require and the frequency needed.

Use your judgment when comparing the estimates. If one house cleaning services company's estimates seems too good to be true then it probably is. Be extremely mindful of the fact that the individuals you engage will be coming to your home on a regular basis, it is more important that you feel comfortable with them in your home and feel confident they will treat your property with care and respect than choosing a supplier based only on price.

When reviewing estimates make sure you look at what services are set as standards and are considered 'extras'. Some domestic cleaning services providers will do the dishes as part of their regular routine while others will charge a premium for this service.

Some common extra services include:

  • making beds / changing sheets
  • doing dishes
  • washing
  • ironing
  • cleaning ovens
  • cleaning fridges
  • cleaning blinds
  • cleaning cupboards

Be sure to read all customer agreements and contracts thoroughly. Make sure all items in your verbal discussions are listed clearly on paper so that you have recourse if needed.

Ways to cut costs

If budget becomes an issue, there are several things you can do to minimise the cost of a cleaning service:

  • Do a quick tidy-up before the cleaners arrive. This may sound like a silly idea, but you are hiring (and paying) professional house cleaners for their cleaning expertise. While it is tempting to leave the dishes in the sink, books on the coffee table and toys on the floor, the more time the cleaners spend picking up clutter the less time they have to do the things you really need them for like dusting the furniture, scrubbing the bath, cleaning the sink and wiping down the kitchen benches. Every little thing you can do so that the cleaner can come in and get the job done quickly and efficiently will save you money.
  • Discuss fortnightly or monthly service options. Work out a rotating schedule with your cleaner that works with your budget and weekly-to-do list.
  • Get multiple quotes. Don't settle on the first quote if you think its too high.
  • Stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning extends the life of everything from the carpets to the furniture so think of your cleaning service as an investment which will save you money in the long run.

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